can you sort a rainbow?

by rebecca on January 29, 2010

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Friday is the day I give something away. I make something to help me create an altared space in my life and offer you the opportunity to find an altared space in yours.


       They are little handfuls of color on a plate, that’s why I got them. Glass drops. Who thought of those? I love them mixed together or running through my fingers.

       My daughter likes to sort them in a rainbow fan from the center of the candle to the edge. A green stripe, followed by a red, then blue, yellow and purple surround the candle like they are all bowing to the beautiful light up above.

       My son comes along and messes up the sorting work my daughter so painstakingly went through. Both children simply like the feel of the glass beads in their hands. I can’t blame them. I adore touching color.

       When the kids were little I had a huge plastic box that we filled with beans of all sorts. I plopped their tiny bodies inside the box with scoopers and buckets and we poured beans for more than an hour each day. It calmed something deep, deep inside of all of us.

       I think the glass drops on the table are reaching back to the bucket and bean days. We all like to fill and dump and feel something smooth running through our fingers.


       If you would like to have this centerpiece on your table,  please enter my Friday giveaway by leaving a comment here or by sending me something for my garden.  If you are shy about commenting, you can also email me at rbcamullen at hotmail dot com. (Sorry about the funny formatting, it helps with spam). Entries are due by Thursday.


      Congratulations to Belva who won last week’s baby blanket. She wrote about Haiti recieving a blanket of Grace delivered from the hands of You and I.

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