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by rebecca on January 12, 2010

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      Send me your treasure. Send me a memorial. Send me evidence of the repeated neurosis that baffles you. Send me your altared space. I’ll plant it here, along with lots of others, and we’ll all watch as something grows.

      I’d love to hear about your something.   

      I believe in altars. Altars helped shape me. Growing up I prayed at formal altars in a variety of churches. There was the call to the altar, an invitation to come with reverence in my heart and notice. Once there, in the presence of flickering candles or smoking incense, I was asked to attend to the present moment.

       I tasted something each time I was present. Once I noticed hungry people around me for the first time. Another I was able to distinguish my own heart and to know the moment of happiness when biting into a raspberry.

       I’m not sure they are the things I was supposed to find at the altar, but that’s the thing: altars alter spaces. They shift my perspective. They reframe my life. They do this with ubiquity.  

      Once I was able to see that any altar of any faith drew me closer to the mindful reverence that is the giant Love, I began to search for unorthodox altars.

      I found I had an altar in my shower that woke me to simple abundance in my shampoo bottle. Each day now I inhale the sweet scent of that orange lather and I feel the quiet calm of plenty.

      I breathe with more ease because there is enough; enough sensual pleasure. There is abundance in the midst of a mundane task. It’s a silly thing, but it’s very true and I can’t argue with Truth where I find it.

       In my kitchen I’ve been saving baby food jars because they remind me of a slow time in the life of my children. I needed to preserve that time forever. So I filled the jars with spices and the memories and spices are making my life more delicious with each meal.

       Altared spaces don’t just celebrate the good. I’m terrified of making a mistake, as if I could break my own life. So I have a shelf that is filled with gorgeous wine goblets. The goblets are meant to be used every day and there is a celebration when they break: “Hooray! We get to buy another!” I am always spotting a fabulous wine goblet that I want, but I cannot fit too many in my home.

       Now when one breaks it is good. That is my life making room for the new beauty to come have a seat at the table. This altar helps me shift my perspective by gazing at brokenness not as a mistake but an invitation.

       Everyone has altared spaces that fill their life. Some are inspiring because they are so lovely, others offer me a chance to see how the shadow deepens the character of the light. Either way, I am fascinated.

       That is why I am so hopeful you will send me your altared space. You know something I have not yet learned and I am eager to be your student. By sharing your altared space with me you are trusting me; calling me to the altar of your life.

       I promise to approach with reverence, to notice and to attend. I can’t wait to find the face of Love in your life.

Send your package to Rebecca Mullen, PO Box 346, Mesa CO, 81643

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