what creates space in your life?

by rebecca on January 13, 2010

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Where do you find space?


How does space make you feel? Nervous? Excited? Relaxed? Soothed?


There are all different kinds of ether, and there is a soothing space for everyone…where do you find your soothing place? Where your skin can relax and become soft? Is it tucked into the corner with a book and colored pencils or outside exploring?


What happens to you when you find your skin becoming soft and you are relaxing into your skeleton? What do you know then that you sometimes forget?


How much space do you allow yourself? Is there a quota of space you’re allotted and then you’re cut off? Or is space pervasive, abundant and ever-flowing?


What would happen to you if you allowed yourself to drink in just a bit more space than you thought you should? Or than you thought you had time for? What would change?


What is it in these moments that allow us to fall into something that creates an open chasm of clarity? And what is it about the clarity that brings such peace?


       I find space when I’m walking my dog, or stringing beads. If I’m looking at something colorful I breathe more easily. Sometimes collecting wood for a fire will allow me to find that peaceful place inside me.

       I have friends who calm their breath with adventure. A good rock tower and a harnessed climb to the top is their path to freedom. Others I know find their largest sense of spaciousness in the throngs of a rock concert. Blaring music and a drumming beat carries them to nirvana.

       When I find the altared space that opens me up and brings me clarity like walking my dog, Ode Yedder, I can hear that crystal clear voice inside my head. This is the prayer-voice of enlightenment. It helps me to hear what I already know, but forget over and over again. There’s enough. I’m grateful. I’m loved and I love.

       I am embarrassed to admit how frequently I forget these little utterances. If someone said them outloud to me, of course I would agree with them. But that quiet place inside me that regulates how I act and what I believe gets damned up and that message can’t get through.

       Then I act the fool, clambering for more, more, more because I have forgotten that there is enough. I am greedy because I forget that I am grateful. Most costly, I suppose, I am hateful because I forget that I love and am loved.

       I know that I am not the only one. I talk to many, many people who find they have to remember those spacious sayings over and over as well.

       So, this is why I ask my questions. Perhaps if I know how you find your altared spaces that help guide you to that crystal clear voice of clarity, I will have more ideas to try here at my home when I’m lost in the fog, trying to find the space that leads me back to the prayer-voice of enlightenment.

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Kel January 15, 2010 at 12:24 am

There are so many spaces that create so many feelings. When my boyfriend falls asleep on my breast while we sit on the couch, I am afforded the space of expansive, never-ending love. When I sit at my volunteer position at the library, shelving and cataloging DVDs, I am afforded the space of unfettered education. When I walk my dog every morning and night, I am afforded the space of unlimited imagination accompanied by the soundtrack of my choice.

I have so many spaces in my life that create the experiences that I feel so blessed to be a part of.


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