giveaway: potpourri of beauty makes the mud welcome as well

by rebecca on February 12, 2010

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       Friday is the day I give something away. I make something to help me create an altared space in my life and offer you the opportunity to find an altared space in yours.

       Today I’m giving away this gorgeous potpourri. When I was 19 I had a job drying roses. I worked for one of my favorite all time people. Everyone loved Paula. She made everything beautiful.

       The roses were delivered by the thousands to her back porch where we’d sort them in big 5-gallon buckets. When they’d open just enough, we’d carry them on large cardboard boxes up to the attic of her old house and hang them to dry.

       If there was a job for cultivating a greater appreciation for beauty, I don’t know what it could have been.

       In addition to the lovely buds, we saved some of the leaves that dried along with all those flower tops. The pile of leaves didn’t seem all that special. But, as lovely as the roses were, Paula showed me how, when the roses were mixed with a few of the dried leaves, they became even more divine to gaze upon.

       As I grew older her lesson grew on me: mix liberally the lovely and the plain. Yes, I love the days with my children at the ski area or the sledding hill when we are laughing and giggling. But those days are magnificent because we do chores as a family. We struggle to keep the muddy boots in their places rather than sprawled and tangled ready to trip an unwitting wanderer who enters our home in the dark.

       It is this potpourri in life where I find my altared spaces. I fantasize about a life of pure giggles and sled rides, but, like Pippi Longstocking taught me, I think that life is too sweet to swallow.

       I prefer to combine the roses and leaves, the sledding and the muddy boots and toss it all together to make the potpourri that adorns my dining table today.

       If you would like to have this potpourri at your home, please enter my Friday giveaway by leaving a comment here or by sending me something for my garden. If you are shy about commenting, you can also email me at rbcamullen at hotmail dot com. (funny formatting helps with spam). Entries are due by Thursday.

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