the island of yummy: miss rumphius by barbara cooney

by rebecca on February 13, 2010

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       Reading with my children is a place I find my church. It’s where my skin becomes soft and my soul is transported. The Island of Yummy became established as an institution when my babies were young. With one in each arm, and a book open between us, I could always find that fountain of Love. Today I take a look at the book entitled Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

       “The most difficult thing of all,” for Miss Rumphius is choosing that something to do with her life that will make the world more beautiful. What a wonderful ambition. She certainly takes it seriously.

       In addition to traveling to far places and living by the sea, her father tells her that she must find something to give back to the world. This lovely lady chooses the abundance of planting flowers everywhere she goes.

       I love that the beautiful contribution Miss Rumphius chooses was, at first, an accident. She planted flowers in her garden because she loved them and they pleased her. Then they spread while she was lying sick in her bed during a time of recuperation.

       The miracle of the wind and the birds amazed her. Something went to work spreading beauty she’d planted while she was resting. I love this idea.

       So Miss Rumphius plants more lupines. I imagine more wind and more birds, and, ultimately, more flowers. It makes me wonder what I might plant in the world that might flourish even after I finish tending it.

       The illustrations are as gentle as the words in this lovely book. I hope you will find someone beautiful to sit atop your lap while you read. The ideal age for this story is between 3 and 6.

       If you’d like to know a bit more about  Barbara Cooney and the wonderful books she left behind click here. These stories are certainly the something beautiful she gave the world.

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