what do you do to celebrate togetherness?

by rebecca on February 10, 2010

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       Valentines Day is a time to remind people we love them. How do you remind the people you love that they are your favorite faces to spy in the crowd?


       I know a mother who has lived with her son for the past 16 years. It’s just the two of them. Every Valentines Day her boy is treated to a new mug filled with chocolate kisses to symbolize how much his mother loves him. They sip cocoa that morning together to swallow a bit of their love together.

       Then, any time, throughout the year, if one or the other needs a little extra attention, they get out one of the Valentines mugs and ask, “Would you like a cup of cocoa?” This is their code for saying, I need someone right now.

       They share the hot drink and the company of the person they feel safest with and life gets better one mug at a time. How do you make certain your belly is full of the love you feel for the people who mean the most to you?


       There is a gentleman who writes a missive to his wife every day of the year. Sometimes the note is three words long on a torn scrap of paper: “Good hair day,” the words might come tumbling out of her purse as she opens her wallet at the grocery.

       The one day he doesn’t write that note is Valentines Day. He decided when they married he wanted to do their marriage right and let his wife know he loved her more days than not. So he writes to her every day but the day most people expect it. What do you do that is unexpected for the ones you love?


       I worked with a guy who brought superman Valentines to the office along with a tray of cupcakes. He decorated the cupcakes with conversation hearts and sprinkled his sticker-laden Valentines liberally about.

       His belief was that love was too great to keep it contained to his household. His kids were busy enjoying the ritual of Valentines Day, why should he miss out?

       People laughed at the corny sayings and walked around with heart stickers on their foreheads for the afternoon. Where are the pockets of your life that you’d like to spread a little superman-styled levity?


       Be it fabric hearts on a family tree, a cup of warm cocoa or a superman of a day…I’m hoping you’ll find an altared space to allow a little extra love to pour into your life this week.

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