rainbows in the dryer

by rebecca on April 6, 2010

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       Have you ever looked through prism glasses? When my husband was in school, taking Physics, my daughter was in kindergarten. He brought home these magic glasses and turned everything we looked at into rainbows.

       The air sparkled that night. We looked at streetlamps and saw rainbows. We focused our glasses on the moon and spied a rainbow. That kindergarten fascination infected us all and we were running all over our student housing complex. We opened the dryer inside the laundry room and what did we see? Rainbows!

       The world was a magical place that night and all because Daddy had been in school and learned something. Even my two year old son was seeing the rainbows and was caught up in the treasure hunt for color.

       There is an electricity to learning something new. Like sparks we ignited our way around all the most familiar haunts. Our parking lot became a place to look at how the light refracted off the cars. Refracted was a new word for us that night and it has stayed part of our vocabulary because it came to us as part of such an adventure.

       We turned on the faucet and looked at light through the water watching rainbows that pour. We climbed into the closet and turned on the flashlight to see if secret rainbows still shone.

       Two hours later we were filled with prisms and the thrill of all the explanation my husband could give about why light bends and separates; all because he brought home two cent, plastic lab glasses to share. He made his day at school real to us and suddenly the separation of his long absent days didn’t feel so lonely. It felt like he was gassing up to take us on a ride.

       It is easy to come home after a long day and turn on the television. I know. That’s what my family does most of the time. But some days are reserved for the altared spaces like rainbow glasses so that I always marvel when I open the dryer and see that light shining at me. “Look, Mommy! A rainbow right here in the dryer!”

        What are the times preserved in your life that make the mundane a rainbow? What evening treasure hunts have you taken after a long day when you didn’t know you had energy and, suddenly, the spark of excitement was ignited?

photo by Peter Fay

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Lynn Tidd April 12, 2010 at 10:00 am

A treasure hunt for color!! I love that metaphor. The metaphor itself fills me with delight.
My treasure hunt yesterday left me filled with a spark of energy for my returning to school, knowing that I am giving my little granddaughter a beautiful life lesson.
Jose was fixing the back gate (that our dogs have so energetically weakened), Ava, our 2 year old granddaughter wanted to help him. So, she ran and got her little tool kit, in her pretty rainbow heart dress that spins and her pink sandals. I found her back by the gate, measuring and hammering in the dirt, in her pretty outfit. I asked her if she wanted to plant her flower seeds now, in the pot she had painted. She responded by saying the needed to fix the fence, then plant flowers and then she had school work to do. I was so delighted that she included school work in her litany of what her day’s work was. Rather than my homework taking me away from her, it is instilling her with ideas of what she can do and be.
I was delighted by this rainbow of color!!


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