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by rebecca on October 30, 2012

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My month of Soulful Cleansing is almost over. There was a time in my life that I would take this time to think about all that I haven’t done.

I’m no longer that person.

I am now the person who collects reasons I’m wonderful in envelopes.

As we’ve talked about previously, there are 2 kinds of clutter, clutter you can see and invisible clutter. I’m not enough clutter sounds like this:

  • But I didn’t figure out a way to keep the kitchen island clean EVERY day.
  • But I didn’t clean out the clutter under my bed.
  • But I didn’t get to that big basket of paperwork that needs to be sorted.
  • So I failed. I’m neither Cleansed, nor Soulful.

When I begin to go down that road, I get out my personal Kudos envelope and review the wonders I’ve given myself. It’s more nourishing than a snack!

Here are my top 10 reasons I’ve loved the way I spent this month. I’d love to hear yours.

  1. Simply 15: I can see the power of 15 minutes at work in my life. I don’t tackle huge projects daily, but I inch places over time. This lights me up with simple abundance. It is industry and attainability wrapped up in the same bright package. It fills me with purple joy.
  2. Hydration = Fabulous Mother. One of the biggest changes for me since becoming conscious about Soulful
  3.  Cleansing is that I remain hydrated. I drink more tea because I will get a smiley face. Because of this, I have fewer headaches. Fewer headaches = saying YES when my son asks me to rub his back. When The Voice asks me if I’m a good mom I can point to those moments of back rubbing because I drank more tea.
  4. Bathing myself in small pleasures. Pretty bath soaps everywhere.
  5. I Express Gratitude. I sent 6 thank you cards because it was on my plan for the week. This is one of those details that previously would have jiggled about in my brain for months, haunting me, proving to me that I am inept and don’t follow-through. But now I have a way to anchor it into my life.
  6. Moisture Abundance. I have lip balm everywhere I could want it. This makes me feel wealthy indeed!
  7. Grief Cleared Out. One of the tiniest investments of time was cleaning my Tuperware cupboard. It paid some of the biggest dividends. I have felt my mother with me clearly, cleanly and just when I need her most.
  8. Jewelry glue. When I realized my sister and I missed out on a lifetime of jewelry overlap it was much easier to part with things I’d been hanging onto forever. Jewelry holds stories for me. Now I had a place for my story to provide connection instead of hanging out in the space of oblivion.
  9. I went outside. Which gave me a clean island and the bonus of raked leaves.
  10. I took time to connect with a dear friend from long ago. It felt delicious and warm and I stopped beating myself up for neglecting something precious and simply dove into love that had always been there waiting for me.
  11. Trophies became trash.  And it was good because we swallowed the love.

Then I dance.

What do you do to celebrate?

I am taking time to tend my home. It’s part of my 4-step philosophy in Soulful Cleansing. Identify – Notice – Address – Tend.  I’d love to have you  join today’s discussion by leaving a comment, join the team and stay in touch or join the class.

I am participating in 31-days of Soulful Cleansing. This project is the collaborative brainchild of The Nester. Join her here and see all the other 31-day projects.

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Shannon November 1, 2012 at 1:29 pm

Glad you had such a good month! I did too. I really enjoyed all the insight in Your posting


pamela November 2, 2012 at 5:39 pm

This was a beautiful 31 days. Thank you for sharing! Because we moved, my clutter is at a minimum. I had a natural purge:) BUT it’s already starting to creep in and I am setting tomorrow as a cleaning day. So excited:)


rebecca November 5, 2012 at 7:28 pm

Moving. You are right, the natural purge. I’ve now been in this home 6 1/2 years and it’s the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. No wonder things have piled up.

I’m so glad to have you here, Pamela. Best of luck in your new digs.


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