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by rebecca on October 8, 2012

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Our dishes stack up regularly. We cook a lot, making yummy food…. And lots of dishes. How do we keep the dishes flowing??

I needed to identify the main problem: dishes get backed up on the counter.

Then I am able to notice the patterns that contribute:
What we’ve tried:

  • Everyone in the family takes a day.
  • Everyone takes a week.
  • All cleaning together.
  • Mom cleans the kitchen and explodes when she’s exhausted.

Tricky circumstances:

  •  Our dishwasher takes 2+ hours to run a load! Gadzooks!
  • Because of the hard water where we live, we often have to run a vinegar rinse load after that! This is surely a plug in the system.

The magic question: why is the dishwasher always full?
Because I’m not willing to run it until it is so full it won’t fit a single spoon more.

Because I don’t like the idea of wasting water.

Because we live in the West and water is a precious commodity. I want to be a good steward of the water here.

So, which way do I use more water: running a high efficiency dishwasher that could maybe fit a few extra dishes or pouring extra water on dishes with dried ketchup or cheese from people who couldn’t/didn’t develop the habit of getting their dishes directly into the dishwasher?



Addressing the problem

  • Thus the time spent noticing the pattern is its own fix and I am now willing to run the dishwasher every evening.
  • I naturally arise early and while I’m heating water for tea, I pour in the vinegar, run the rinse load and, the dishwasher is ready to empty in between flipping pancakes for breakfast.
  • The day begins and a pattern develops.

Tending to my Soul and dishes

  •  Getting that routine takes a bit of awareness/practice.
  • I ask for help getting the dishwasher ready to run each evening because that’s the key
  • A strong beginning to the day = an empty dishwasher

Of course there are days when I get home at 11pm like last night and the dishwasher doesn’t get run.

  • I don’t panic.
  • Much as I might like to, I don’t reach for the phone to call in emergency Merry Maids.
  • I look at my system.
  • Where did I get off track?
  • How can I find my way right again?
  • I grant myself forgiveness and…
  • Begin again.

I am participating in 31-days of Soulful Cleansing. This project is the collaborative brainchild of The Nester. Join her here and see all the other 31-day projects.

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