getting empowered with yes and no

by rebecca on June 23, 2013

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“Yes” and “no” are two tiny words with a big kick. I sit on the teeter totter of these two words flying up and down on a daily basis. Sometimes I think I’m saying “yes” to taking a picture, and then I realize I’m using the picture to say “no” to experiencing the moment fully. Or I’m saying “no” to a friend’s invitation for lunch because I want to say “yes” to time alone with my pen.


I find it easy to say yes…

  • to my husband when he’s singing
  • grace in complicated situations
  • to a pillow at 2pm    

What makes yes fall out of your mouth?


I find it easy to say no…

  • to a bag at the grocery store
  • to staying up past midnight
  • to black and white thinking

When is no your answer?


I find it difficult to say no to ______, but then I’m glad I did because…

  • I find it difficult say no to going to yoga class because I love yoga. But then I’m glad I said no and gave myself that extra time to write (cook, rest…) and not feel rushed.
  • Yesterday I found it difficult to say no to my kids because I think I’ll be a bad mom if I say no. But then I was glad I did because I wasn’t over extended or grumpy and I can go to bed without that feeling of terrible regret that I lost my temper.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with “no”? Try this fill-in-the-blank and let me know how it goes.


I find it difficult to say yes to ______, but then I’m glad I did because…

  • I find I can’t motivate myself to go water the garden because I’m happy doing what I’m doing, but then I get outside, the water brings out the smell of the tomatoes and my breath slows and my skin softens.
  • I never want to say yes to squats and push ups because getting up from the computer is so difficult. But then I’m glad I did because it breaks the spell and reminds me I have a body and not just fingers on a keyboard. *Thank you to my husband who is often the VOICE of yes on this one.

Do you have a motivational YES voice helping you?


The yes I keep hidden is…

  • The one in my bedroom under the covers that whispers, “It’s OK to arch your back.”
  • I love to sing. I miss singing. Where can I sing?

What yes in your life wants to find its way out?

The no I keep hidden is…

  • “You can’t share my food.”
  • Don’t talk to me when I’m writing.

If you could say the forbidden no, what would it be?


Please help me: I learn by entering into community. Last year I led a class called A Soulful Cleanse and the people who gathered there taught me about tidying my home, my life and my calendar. This year I want to learn about getting grounded with “Gravity Rocks.” I believe that one stone, one story at a time, we can rock one world. My friends have deep wisdom and I’d like to collect it.

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