thirsty? drink.

by rebecca on July 8, 2013

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I don’t drink enough water. Then I get a late afternoon headache. Nearly. Every. Day.

I live near the desert where the air sucks moisture out of your pores like a vacuum that finds dust bunnies under a bed.

I’ve tried little tricks. “Drink 3 glasses of water before noon.” I’ve set timers.

Nothing worked until I found my thermos and pitcher. The key in my life is always find something beautiful. Attend there first. So, before I go to bed, I heat a pot of water and make tea water. I fill the thermos (or pitcher for summer iced tea) and the beauty of the thing welcomes me and lures me all day long to drink, drink, drink.

It’s something special rather than a chore. I hate chores and love a treat. So rather than approach my hydration like something to be solved I love myself and find I’m visiting the toilet instead of taking Advil.


What is the one chore in your life that, if you did it early in the day, and added a bit of levity or beauty, it would cease to be a chore and flush away a chunk of your problems?


Please help me: I learn by entering into community. Last year I led a class called A Soulful Cleanse and the people who gathered there taught me about tidying my home, my life and my calendar. This year I want to learn about getting grounded with “Gravity Rocks.” I believe that one stone, one story at a time, we can rock one world. My friends have deep wisdom and I’d like to collect it.

Respond to this story by musing in the comment section. Or link here to your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest or other favorite space. Then join my FAC  when we’ll gather together to talk about the little things in life affect our business, art and relationships.

Dial 805-399-1200, then enter the code 902433# to join Friday, July 12 1pm Pacific/ 4:00pm Eastern.

Sue Rodda sent me these great photos after our Stillness class. We talked a lot about color and how it inspires us to find that path within. Additionally, the conversation revolved around being highly engaged with our body somehow and the quiet that descends. Stillness doesn’t have to be still. It’s a state of being.


As I thought about Yes and No this week, I found a HUGE yes! Take a look at this photo. Do you remember the opening scene from Footloose? I watched it with my daughter this weekend and it had every one of my toes tapping. I even went in search to see if I still owned a pair of leg warmers. My no? the stink of fruit if the garbage disposal has not been run.

What about you? What makes you say yes and no? Join us at our Friday FAC to chat about creating a ritual of artistic awareness in your life. You’ll gain a sense of gravity that will rock you!

Lastly, if you want to read a great piece of art that is certain to quench your thirst, visit Kasey Edwards piece “When Your Mother Says She’s Fat.” It made me feel good about shaving my head this month.

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Allison Evans July 10, 2013 at 1:18 am

Absolutely right, Rebecca! I now look forward to house cleaning because it’s my time to listen to my favorite podcasts. And when I’m through, I have a sparkly house that is a pleasure to rest in. Win-win.


rebecca July 11, 2013 at 2:07 pm

So, Allison, you pairing had to do with finding the pleasure of podcasts? You always wanted a clean house but couldn’t motivate yourself? Ahhh….I wouldn’t know anything about that! 🙂 Having a friendly voice to tag along with me as I clean is a brilliant solution. Much like beauty seducing me to hydrate. It’s something I want anyway, I just need a nudge to get started.


Kristen @ Motherese July 31, 2013 at 3:51 pm

You have taught me so much about incorporating beauty and small gifts to myself as part of the tasks that make up my day. Since the move, I’ve gotten out of the habit of drinking sparkling water out of a beautiful glass with a fresh squeeze of lime. And now I’ve got these afternoon headaches. This was just the reminder I needed to read today. xo


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