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How would you feel if you decluttered your life and, hidden beneath the stuff, you found a corner of quiet waiting in your soul?

This purple corner is my new office. I found it under the mounds of mess on my kitchen island. I just completed it yesterday and I’m ready to invite you in for a chat. I want to share with you how I overcame the 2 years of mess that kept me from seeing deep inside myself to the paint and rug and chair that make up this corner of calm.

I want to help you find your hidden corner of quiet. I’m curious if yours is purple too.

What are you keeping hidden under your clutter?              

I have put together Altar Your Life: A Soulful Cleanse because I love exploring what is beneath the layers. I want you to experience the flood of joy I feel walking down the hall knowing this purple and orange room is waiting to welcome me.

 Deep inside me was this quiet corner of Beauty. But I couldn’t see it because I was afraid. I let piles of invitations build up vying for my time. Volunteer opportunities and bills kept me buried in mess that diverted my attention. All that mess kept the fear at bay, but the Beauty couldn’t get in either.

I wasn’t happy.

Your invitation for a solution

Are you chronically late? Are there always dishes on your kitchen counter? Do your dust bunnies rival rabbits in multiplying? Or do you simply have that nagging sensation that there’s something else you’re supposed to be doing?

I was so frustrated with the messes around me. I felt out of control. Why am I so irresponsible? Why can’t I get my act together? But the mess forced me to attend. The mess became my friend because it was the frustration that got me searching.

Why clean outs don’t work

This program will not teach you to reorganize your closet or create a spiffy order for collecting the trash that collects in your car. This class moves SLOWLY and focuses on one small area of clutter. Because the way you do one thing is the way you tend to do all things. If we identify the pattern with deep intentionality, we will solve the cause and not just the symptom.

When you find the quiet corner of your soul, it is easy to let go of the clutter. You won’t want it. The clutter right now is protecting you. Everything that’s gumming up your life is a signal: dig here. And like a treasure hunt you can dig in that clutter for clues.

As the fear dissipated, I began to ask myself the simple question: what do I want? The answer came slowly, emerging just as quietly as the room I would end up finding. I want a space free from obligations. I want to know exactly where my work begins and ends. I want color! I followed that path of tiny clues all the way into this lovely corner of calm, beauty and clarity.

And you can too.

Sign up now to turn your clutter into calm, discover what you want, and begin to change the patterns that keep you overwhelmed. Get your first month of support free.

A Soulful Cleanse
A Soulful Cleanse
$129 gets you The 3-Session Class, The 1-1 private session with Rebecca, and a Free Month of support from your New Team. $22 on-going monthly subscription, cancel anytime.
Price: Soulful Cleanse Subscription

What’s stopping you from cleaning up your mess?

If you are tired of quick fixes and understand that lasting change requires that you dig a little deeper, join me to clean one small thing in your home and notice how your soul responds. You almost certainly will discover more than you can now imagine.

  • this class meets once a week for 3 weeks: January 17, 24, 31 @ 10am PDT/ 11 MDT/ 12 CDT/ 1pm EDT
  • one private session with me, a $75 value
  • small group on-going classes for continued support all year
  • calls are recorded for those who have to miss the scheduled class
  • $129 for the 3-session class, + bonus session
  • $22/month for on-going support, cancel at any time
  • limited space available
  • send me an email with any questions

What we’ll cover

  • Identify a small project so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Notice why the spot gets messy instead of rushing to solve the problem
  • Address the root cause instead of merely addressing the same old symptom
  • Tend the plan, knowing exactly what to expect, including how to forgive future fall backs

Core Curriculum

The 3-week class teaches the slow philosophy of how to approach your clutter as a friend, rather than the enemy to fight off. In this way your life softens around you instead of the constant battle you are waging now.

The on-going support takes that knowledge and focuses on specific areas of your home and life. For example we will look at your desk, your closet, and your email in-box and use what you learned about yourself to tend these areas and nurture them into spaces that serve you on a regular basis.

You will understand more about yourself as your life becomes free of clutter and deepens with soulful enlightenment. My clients regularly tell me they hear my voice and feel instantly calm inside. Come join the team. Your life will thank you.





Meet Your Instructor                                                                                          

I am Rebecca Mullen, a Certified Life Coach. I was trained by Harvard educated and best selling author, Martha Beck. You might recognize her name from her monthly column in O Magazine. I believe it is the smallest details of our lives that help us understand our souls. When we pay attention and notice those details without judgment our greatest potential has room to expand. These details are the cairns along our life’s path, showing us the way to our truest self. Our lives keep getting cluttered until we tend to the details.

Questions?  send me an email  or, if you are a phone person, call me, Rebecca, at 970.210.4480.

Accelerate your journey by slowing down your steps.

A Soulful Cleanse
A Soulful Cleanse
$129 gets you The 3-Session Class, The 1-1 private session with Rebecca, and a Free Month of support from your New Team. $22 on-going monthly subscription, cancel anytime.
Price: Soulful Cleanse Subscription

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