I am thrilled to announce the premier of my first book which is now available for purchase.

Your Stuff Tells Your Story

How you relate to your stuff says everything about who you are. My job is to help you understand the connections. Your relationship with your things is sending you messages about who you are every day.

I have a client who spends 15 minutes looking for her keys every day before she can leave the house. If she listened to the people around her, she would think she was flaky. They say she can’t keep track of her stuff.

When we peeled back the layers on her life we saw that she had a husband with a drinking problem who wasn’t contributing to the bottom line of the household income. She’s the one responsible for getting both kids ready for school and out the door in addition to making sure she’s not late for work.

When one of the kids has a need during the day, the school calls her office and she handles it. When a client in her office needs her to work late, she first juggles her family so everyone is taken care of and fed. Then she devotes herself to the task at hand.


Unlocking Your Story

When we began to look at her keys and why they wanted to go missing on a regular basis the words that fell out of her mouth were, “I’m just looking for the way to unlock the puzzle that is my life. Then I won’t feel so stuck.”
The things you touch are trying to send you a message. They are the altars that are offering to alter your life. I’m here to help you listen.We both paused.

I don’t provide a system for your file cabinet or a way to organize your bathroom drawer. But I will ask you questions about your stuff. My job is to get you thinking in a different way. I help you approach your clutter with a sense of wonder and reverence instead of shame.


You Know What You Need

When you are allowed to view the most embarrassing parts of yourself – your Shadow – as the part that gives Light its depth, everything in you is allowed to finally take that deep breath, exhale, let go, and stop fighting.

The rest is simply detective work.

In my book, I’m Not Actually a Bag Lady and Other Tales of Living, I look at how we identify our things– our altared spaces – and how that frames what we think about ourselves as we walk through our daily routines.

When we can make the subtle changes from flakey-key-loser to woman-searching-for-the-missing-key, our lives find their equilibrium. I’ve seen it time after time.


My book is mostly a memoir with a splash of self-help from the coach part of me.  Here’s a glance at the table of contents.

For a taste, here’s a free chapter.

To simply buy the e-book now, for $17 click here.

Meet The Author                                                                                         

I am Rebecca Mullen, a Certified Life Coach. I was trained by Harvard educated and best selling author, Martha Beck. You might recognize her name from her monthly column in O Magazine. I believe it is the smallest details of our lives that help us understand our
souls. When we pay attention and notice those details without judgment our greatest potential has room to expand. These details are the cairns along our life’s path, showing us the way to our truest self. Our lives keep getting cluttered until we tend to the details.



What are People Saying?

“Rebecca showed me that the brokenness in everyone can be used to make us whole.”

~ Betsy Fry, Fitness Expert



“I cherish your lessons and healing.” ~ WN, High School Teacher


“You’ve taken me to my next step in letting go of something I’ve been needing to get go of for a while and I will always look at broken things with a more welcoming attitude.” ~ AB, Manager of Mesa Lakes Lodge Vacation Resort

“I became connected with you through your stories.” ~SS, proud mother and grandmother

“At her fire circles, Rebecca brings a connection with people I didn’t know.” ~ DG, Yoga Instructor

“I love how you told a story women can relate to and then it makes me think, or makes me happy and excited to start taking this experience and apply it to my life.” ~ DD, Emergency Room Nurse

“It is a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself!” ~ Amanda Van Pelt, Office Manager

“It warmed my heart.” Joanne Graham, psychotherapist


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