how dying eggs is a story about grace

by rebecca on April 20, 2014

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My friend puts her lips to the egg –an intimate gesture – and I can tell by the way her feet get wobbly underneath her that her head is about to explode. Perhaps ¼ teaspoon of egg white has appeared at the bottom of her egg and we both burst out laughing.ukranian eggs andrea

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” All that effort and … for that?

After she has stabbed the needle deep into the recesses of the egg in an attempt to scramble the innards and make it easier for the yellow and clear goo to make it out this itty bitty opening, she kisses up to the egg again. We laugh and she blows her way to a steady yellow stream. Cheering all around.

ukranian eggs danaWe take our clean eggs to the counter where we will apply wax to them. The wax resists the dye, allowing the egg to remain the initial color in chosen spots. We apply more wax, resisting a new color of dye, and repeat the process. The tool to apply the wax is called a kistka, but I use the highly technical term of wax put-er-on-er.

After all the layers of wax have been applied and the final dye bath has been dunked, the egg is ready for the oven (225 degrees). I leave it in there about 10 minutes and wipe with a rag. Viola!

All the black is gone and what remains is gorgeous color.

ukranian eggs lorettaI love this process because it reminds me to laugh more often. How often do I allow myself to laugh when my insides are being blown out by the latest tangle at work or when my husband and I are miscommunicating for the 80 thousandth time about household chores? I know YOU are able to keep your sense of humor when people are shooting needles into your skin, but I get grumpy and throw up on people. Now, maybe I’ll remember to laugh instead.

apple blossoms with snowI’m being emptied out so I can be colored something more lovely than I am now.

This is why I love all resurrection stories. I am constantly amazed that the buds on my apple and cherry tree are opening up again. It was cold this winter. There were some mean winds. Yet here are the buds. We get to start anew. And this tree gets prettier every year.

This is Grace.

Do you want to try this at home? Click here for instructions.


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