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Sometimes happiness is thrilling like a ride on a rollercoaster. Sometimes happiness is serene like floating on a mountain lake. But my rollercoaster is also terrifying and my lake can be boring, so I’m glad to be able to shake it up.

I live in a place where I wake to the sound of birds (hundred of them) and running water (the irrigation ditch). I see the sun rising on the far off mountains, turning the white, desert peaks orange. The vast pastures are filled with cows and horses munching on varieties of grasses that are as tall as me. In short I live in paradise.

But even in paradise I manage to get lonely occasionally. The mile-long dirt road where we live has 5 homes on it, and the grocery store is a 40-minute drive. I am surrounded in peace, but sometimes overwhelmed by isolation.

Consequently I become a little manic when it comes time to take a trip. I simply love the chance to be around people again. This week we went to Denver, and I took my bike.

dinosaur footprints dinosaur ridge 480 horizontal
A sunrise excursion to Dinosaur Ridge turned my exercise into a museum experience. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a Mecca to people with their yoga mats or stair climbers. There was even a group with their trainer: “ten-nine-eight…,” he counted them down until it was time to trade the people they were carrying on their packs and be piggybacked themselves.

I relished my time in the city, where we saw a show, and a baseball game with 5 homeruns at Coors Field. I got to spend a day with a friend as well. But I began to long for my boring life when I got caught behind a cement truck where they were doing road construction.

Rockies game 2015 gorgeous grass and sunsetA line of cars coming the other way made turning left impossible for the cement truck. Green arrows came and went. Horns blared. Impatience flared. What was he to do? There was nowhere to go! Traffic was backing up.

Finally the cement truck turned, blocking half the road. I was left an island sandwiched between raging horns. I waited 2 rounds of lights and listened to the frustration escalate around me.

And then I caved to the pressure. This is the part that upsets me the most. I drove into the mayhem where I knew I neither belonged nor did I fit. My rear end was hanging out into traffic and causing trouble for the other lanes. I was not adding peace to the world like the birds outside my window at home, nor was I offering the adventure of the stair climbers of Red Rocks. I was bringing angst and pandemonium to all the drivers on that road.

I was part of the rollercoaster of life.

As we all are.

Life is a package deal. The birds and the multitude of grasses at my house bring a deep and abiding peacefulness. They also bring occasional isolation and boredom. The plethora of things to do in Denver offers me a bolt of energy. It also drains me when it is too much.

I find these juxtapositions true in life. My husband’s quiet nature helps to ground me and help me feel calm…until I want someone to talk to, then I get agitated because he’s so silent. I’m grateful for my dog’s daily need to go on a walk because she keeps me active, until I’m not feeling well and then her pleading makes me want to beg her to sit still.

fence posts and low clouds view from my porchLife is a package deal. I’m happiest just before I’m not. I hope I can remember this next time I’m lonely because I really do love my life and the birds that wake me up, and the dozens of varieties of grasses that sometimes bore me.


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