Hello. Welcome. I am Rebecca Mullen and I’m so glad you’ve come. If this is your first time at my site you can get an introduction by reading this page.

Lots of people ask me what an altared space is. The idea came to me one day as I was walking and thinking about Old Testament altars and how much I have changed and how grateful I am for the history I have. I realized the things I touch and interact with shape me. Like any made up word, the meaning of altared spaces has grown with usage. I look forward to how it will continue to evolve as you make contributions.

I have come to understand myself personally through the altars of raspberries and sesame seed oil. I sat in front of a space heater since 2010 anointing my body with sesame seed oil and that little ritual has allowed me to smell my essence. I deprived myself of raspberries until I realized abundance and love was the key to liberation. Who knew that I could be discovered in berries and oil? But it happened.

Altared spaces have poured glue into my life when I felt my relationships slipping apart. My daughter was in her senior year of high school when we toured colleges and the ground felt shaky beneath my feet. Then, while she was in a sample class, I got out my camera and discovered the complimentary colors in our lives of red and green and that gave me a context for where we would next connect even as we no longer lived in the same house.

A similar thing happened when my son and I tangled over chores. The lawnmower became my teacher instead of the enemy and I discovered that slow is the only fast when it comes to connection with my family members and maybe even society at large.

I find lessons hidden in the soil of my garden, beauty confetti pours down on me at moments when I think a mini disaster is about to strike, and I live on an island of yummy where my little babies, who were once capable of driving me to the brink of insanity all the day long, became snuggle bunnies and fit adorably into the crook of my arm.

The child psychologist, Jean Piaget, touts the power of naming and the development of schemas. It is how we learn new information. By naming the rituals and things I touch I can more easily find my family’s traditions and the spot where we remain anchored throughout the year.

I see the altared faces of Demi who used yoga to breathe when she faced the death of her husband and her own tangle with breast cancer. My friend Pete taught me to see Light in a whole new way when we traveled the Grand Canyon and I heard how he survived WWII.

In short, by creating a name I’ve elevated what to some is merely a decorated fence to an altar that has the power to alter my perspective in life. I like living this way. I can’t wait to hear about the altared spaces in your life. My life’s work is helping people to find their altars so they can live an altered life.

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