My name is Rebecca Mullen and I have big teeth. I like to laugh a lot.

I think we sometimes take ourselves way too seriously.  I say this, but I’m the first one to tear up when Mr. Darcy says, “I’m afraid you have been long desiring my absence.”

“Let your freak flag fly,” says one of my clients.

I’m there to say, “Yes! Yes!” because that’s where freedom and laughter can be found, in the most extreme parts of ourselves.

I love to share mundane stories. Whether your daughter is constantly changing the radio station or you are decorating your nursery, I want to know about the songs and the colors. I love those conversations because they tell about tenderness and connection.

I have a disproportionate amount of purple and green pencils in the silver box that holds the plethora of favorites I got from my mother after she died. I don’t hesitate to sharpen and use them. When my husband sings James Taylor in the kitchen I’m willing to forgive any former transgressions.


Why I Love objects

I have worn beads on my arm since I was 19 years old.  They are my ritual and my practice. They are my altar. These beads teach me about patience, forgiveness, and listening to my own heart.

I adore stones  and smoothies though not in the same blender.  I started a garden this year and it was fun to walk down the row picking mustard greens and arugula to fill the blender. The garden talks if I will listen.

I have collected rocks from the shore of the Mediterranean and in Ireland, but I hold a special place for the rocks I collected from the road near my house.

I believe the physical objects in our lives speak to us. They can teach us about patience, forgiveness, or how to let go. Sometimes, they teach us just about noticing or asking.

“We’ve been here all along, we just needed you to ask us to show up,” the rocks said to me when I finally saw them.

If you are ready to listen, the physical world is ready to send you a message.

I help you tune in so you can listen to and notice what the things in your life are telling you.

I help people find meaning in the seemingly insignificant things they touch every day. This is my dorky gift to the world. And I’m good at it.


“Rebecca Mullen is a powerful life coach that has inspired my true self to come out of hiding.”

-Betsy S. Washington DC
“Rebecca creates a sacred space for her clients. With her, a person can exhale. With her, a person feels totally okay with feeling whatever they’re feeling, with being whoever they really are. She is gentle, and she is honest, a rare and wonderful combination that helps her clients to get unstuck and move forward!”
— Allison, solopreneur and mom of two.
“I picked you because you seemed to have so many doubts.”– one of my clients said this to me recently and I realized I’d found my sweet spot.“Thank you for helping me to focus my career goals, to shape the way I send out bids and job proposals, and to gain better control of my finances. I am already presenting myself more confidently, and you have given me a way to talk to clients about money that helps them better understand the value of what I have to offer. Thank you, thank you!”
Steve / WalkWest Productions, LLC
“Rebecca Mullen is a gifted coach who I would recommend without reservation. Rebecca has coached me on a number of occasions in a variety of areas: writing, goal-setting, and every-day life issues. She has a wonderful listening talent and is able to pick up on subtle communication cues, asking the probing questions that help me get to the root of an issue. Rebecca’s intuition and insights have helped me move past whatever obstacles are blocking me, enabling me to move forward with clarity.”
–Yvette, Superior Colorado
“Rebecca, I think you are an amazing coach. You’re extremely intuitive. Thank you for helping me uncover buried dreams today.”
-Ami, New York City
“I have felt liberated for months, after Rebecca helped me work through the thought that ‘I should be moving along faster in my career’. Once I was able to stop putting that pressure on myself and really believe my slower, but intentional pace was right for me…magic started to happen and my career has taken off much faster than I anticipated.”
-Betsy Swanson Hollinger
Ventura, California
“I’ve had the pleasure of both being coached by Rebecca and witnessing her gracefully and masterfully lead groups with her deep insight, playful sense of humor and her open heart.”
Short Hills, New Jersey
“Rebecca has been of immense help to me in sorting through issues both of family history and of sexual identity. She leads with an absolute openness to personal discovery without judgment. It has allowed me to verbalize deeply conflicted feelings about my own sexual orientation as well as core issues of sexual identity. It is primarily her enjoyment of the undiscovered and the differences that we all express in our hidden corners that has encouraged me to keep digging. Thank you, Rebecca!”
“Despite a successful career as a technical writer/e-learning consultant and the publishing of my first novel, I felt there was something missing—PURPOSE. I have always felt called to help others discover their giftedness, and I realized I wanted to make this the focus of the second half of my life. I had no sooner set out to explore my options when Rebecca appeared like an angel on my journey, offering her services as a life coach. As an introspective person who has studied numerous philosophies, I was a bit skeptical that I would get anything new out of our sessions. I was wrong. Her insight that one of my greatest strengths could also be a liability led to exercises to increase my awareness and strengthen undeveloped parts of my intuition. Rebecca embodies a powerful yet gentle energy that suggests and guides, allowing you to come into self-awareness, rather than pushing you along some pre-determined path. If you are interested in taking life to the next level, I highly recommend Rebecca as a coach. “
Margaret Reyes Dempsey, Author of The Benefactor
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