One on One Coaching

I am Rebecca Mullen and I offer individualized coaching, by telephone, to clients all over the world. I also have a few clients who prefer to meet face to face. That works well if you live in or want to travel to Colorado.

Feel free to call me to book your complimentary introductory session. (970) 210-4480. Email me at

I work with people who are lost in their clutter. Do you suffer with too much physical clutter? Piles of clothes, bills, or dishes? Or is your mind waking you up at night? “Do I take the job? But then I’ll have less time with my kids? But if I stay home, how do I keep myself afloat and mentally stimulated?”

You and I will probably be a good fit if:
• You crave ritual, but you also get bored easily.
• You hate having people tell you what to do; yet some days you complain about all the decisions you need to make.
• You are tired of feeling like a freak because of your rollercoaster emotions. No one understands that your volatility is the core of your sanity.

You and I will not match well if:
• You want someone to give you clear direction. I believe your answers reside in you and it’s my job to help you find them, not offer you my prepackaged answers.
• You want someone who will be hard hitting and drive you. Although I ask tough questions, I believe that love heals all, and that the more lost you feel, the more nurturance you need.
• You have trouble working with metaphors, hearing about angels, grace or the magic of love. I talk that way a lot. I’m corny, and my clients need to be able to tolerate that I am sentimental because I don’t seem to be able to hold back.

You might leave our sessions feeling as if a story was revealed to you about your own life…but you were the storyteller. Occasionally I will suggest tasks/games/projects for you to play with in the week that follows (that’s the mom in me that keeps playdoh handy).

Let’s find a time to chat and see if coaching with me is the right thing for you. My first session is complimentary so we can simply meet. Give me a call (970) 210-4480, or email me at I look forward to hearing from you and discovering what altars are altering you.

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