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It doesn’t matter what stage of marriage you’re currently in; what matters is that you are willing to examine the habits you have (or don’t have) and make changes.

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I am Rebecca Mullen, my company is called Altared Spaces, and the thing I’m most proud of in my life is my marriage.

My husband and I met in junior high school so we grew up together and navigated a lot of changes. We’ve been through big adventures like flipping a raft in the icy waters of the Alsek River in Alaska. And we’ve comforted each other during several family deaths including my mother, step-father and brother. We have struggled financially for years, and, later, we learned to invest together.

Why am I proud? This is not the same marriage we started with. I would say that our marriage died twice and we managed to find something new in the ashes of the old. During those resurrections of our love we both had to grow. I noticed I was pretty controlling and he realized how important it is to me that he communicate. It’s been a wild ride, far more frightening than that raft flip and lonelier, at times, than losing my mom.

I made a vow after my parents’ divorce, that I would create a whole family. Have you heard the life-mastery phrase: do one, see one, teach one? I searched out every resource I could find to help me understand what it takes to make a relationship work during the difficult times as well as the times of joy. I’ve been practicing see one for 50 years. I’ve been in the do one phase of marriage for more than three decades. Now I’m eager to share with you what I’ve learned, and I want you to join me as I teach one.

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Overcome Fear

Do you build invisible walls of protection when you’re afraid? What would happen if you could tame your fears and connect more deeply with your sweetheart? This lesson will give you tools to stop hiding behind fear so you can connect more deeply in your marriage.

Get Clear

A lack of clarity will cause conflict in your marriage. What do you want? It’s a simple question, but let’s face it: we all regularly want mutually exclusive things. This article will give you tools to get clear about what you value and what you want so you can communicate clearly in your marriage.

Ask Cleanly

If you want to intensify intimacy in your marriage, ask cleanly. You think you’re asking clearly but you're not. A clear ask is vulnerable, so we don’t want to do it. Rejection—or the fear of it—is one of the biggest reasons we don’t ask cleanly. This lesson will give you tools to help ask differently so you connect with your sweetheart.

Beware Conditions

Conditions will suck the life out of your marriage. Have you ever felt like your sweetheart will love you if you’re thin? Or if you’re rich? Or if you say yes instead of no? Conditions on love try to slip in without being noticed, but in this lesson we’ll give you binoculars to see them coming so your love stays free from their pollution.

Affirm Lovingly

You’ve said “Yes,” your sweetheart hears “No.” What happened? Learn how to transform the phrase, “Yes-but,” into “Yes-and” to build connection in your marriage. This lesson helps you see the invisible ways you might be dissing your sweetheart unintentionally and then helps you fix them so your marriage is stronger.

Build Boundaries

A strong boundary will deepen your love. When the consequences of your actions are clear, you feel calmer. Your sweetheart feels safe. So do you. There’s less friction because you’re not regularly faced with a choice of how to act. This lesson focuses on how to build strong boundaries so your love can feel free.

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